Zoom unveils Immersive View to make meetings feel a little more natural

While Microsoft may have beaten Zoom to the punch with its Together Mode – which stitches together the video feeds of multiple virtual meeting attendees in real-time into a shared space (such as an auditorium) – Zoom has now fired back with its own take on the feature, dubbed Immersive View.

Intended to make online meetings feel a little more ‘natural’, Immersive View captures the video feed of meeting participants and places them in a location; users on both a Free and Pro account can now use the feature in their meetings that have no more than 25 participants.

Zoom will automatically place attendees in relevant positions when using Immersive View; for example, users can place attendees into scenes such as an auditorium or board room – or, if preference holds, hosts can place their guests themselves.

Hosts will bea ble to resize and reposition attendees, and Zoom has further issued guidelines to help users create their own scenes to emulate a school classroom or meeting venue such as an office.

It’s worthwhile to note that meetings recorded in Immersive View will be produced in Speaker or Gallery View, and that participants over the 25 limit will be placed in a thumbnail strip.

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