Twitter is testing an ‘Undo Send’ feature

Over the last several years Twitter has tried to bring more user-friendly features to the platform in an effort to drive engagement and usage, as well as garner more interest from new users. In November last year we first saw Fleets, Twitter’s own take on Stories. Now it has starting testing an ‘Undo Send’ button, that allows you to unsend and erroneous tweet for a short period of time before it permanently goes into the ether.

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The new feature was first mentioned in a Twitter survey in July last year, which was mostly about getting feedback on a proposal to make Twitter a subscription service. The platform was also considering using tipping for exclusive content to supplement the revenues from advertising. The ‘Undo Send’ feature gives you five seconds to retract a sent tweet before it is permanent. It mimics a much-loved feature on Gmail originally launched to retract mails where an attachment wasn’t included when it should’ve.

The feature is now in beta testing with select customers on Twitter, although we’re not sure what the selection criteria for these users are. It means that the upcoming feature will probably be available to everyone on the platform, and not as part of a subscription (should Twitter proceed with the option).

In the past Twitter encouraged users to put more thought and care into what they share, and have started to label misinformation as well.

Ultimately, the feature that most users have been asking for years is the option to edit tweets, not just undo an erroneous tweet. That being said, it is better than nothing and many users will be happy to have it.

How do you use Twitter? Would this feature be a useful addition for you? Let us know in the comments below.