OneDayOnly details how customers behaved online in 2020

OneDayOnly, Mzansi’s leading online daily deals site, has shared interesting insights around online customer behavior while under lockdown. Observed over the past year, the company specifically looked deeper into what products and categories have seen the most growth as well as what trends have influenced this.

“Naturally, our 2020 sales saw a direct association with products needed during a pandemic from personal protection equipment (PPE) like masks, sanitisers and thermometers to DIY and organisational items.” says Laurian Venter, director at OneDayOnly.

Interestingly, customers chose to use their time on home improvement, getting fit and healthy, and keeping themselves entertained. To some extent this shouldn’t come as a surprise seeing as most individuals took the opportunity while under lockdown to engage in such activities which probably wouldn’t have been the case otherwise. The most popular selling categories included:

  • Exercise equipment – saw a 200% growth which only had a 10% increase in 2019
  • Puzzles, games and books – were also very popular
  • Kitchen and homeware products – saw between 40% and 300% growth across all items
  • DIY products – a staggering 300% growth compared to the 30% growth in 2019

“As a business that relies on data, not only from a shopper perspective, but also from a buying perspective, it was interesting to see how the numbers increased in certain categories when comparing them year-on-year,” observes Venter.

“It’s important for an e-tailer to be flexible when it comes to trending products. Because we wipe the site clean every night ahead of the 250-300 deals we load at midnight for the next day, our buyers are agile enough to be able to make sure we are able to move products that our customers are looking for, both from a local and international perspective,” says Venter.

“Looking at purchasing trends of other countries over the same period, it appears that people from all over the world opted to spend their time constructively on DIY and home-based entertainment activities,” concludes Venter.

2021 is in full flow and with no idea how the rest of it will pan out, it creates an added dimension which will possibly see many of us alternating between being stuck at home and slowly embracing the great outdoors again. No doubt this will have an effect on the online spending behavior and habits of various individuals. Having said that, it’s still amazing to see the growth of online shopping in the past year alone with the likes of OneDayOnly being grateful and consequently one of the great benefiters.