LG launches its sleek, new LG XBOOM Go PL series in South Africa

Summer and the festive season are just around the corner, which means there’ll be plenty of opportunities for gathering (responsibly) with friends and family. Now you can make sure you’re always the life of the party by bringing the beats with LG’s latest XBOOM Go PL series of Bluetooth speakers.

The new line-up of portable speakers (the PL7, PL5, and PL2) are lightweight, water-resistant, and compact. Even better? The battery on the PL7 will give you 24 hours of sound, so the party only stops when you want it to.


Developed in collaboration with Meridian Audio, the British authority on the science of sound, the speakers produce rich, premium sound with less distortion, even when the volume is turned right up. It’s impressive that the compact speaker produces big bass that you can actually feel – that’s thanks to the dual passive radiators. So, now we know the XBOOM Go is one powerful speaker that couldn’t be easier to pack, but it has loads of other great features too!

Exceptional audio

It’s not a party if the room isn’t filled with sound and a big bassline.

To widen your party’s sound field, LG has once again teamed up with Meridian – leaders in high-resolution audio. The end caps on the PL7 and PL5 function as passive bass radiators, vibrating with the music so that you’ll literally be able to feel the beat. Vocals are clear and balanced with less distortion at the highest volumes. Stereophonic sound and 30 watts of power mean the speakers are more than capable of handling all your sound needs.

It’s no wonder it won the Expert Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) Mobile Speaker 2020-2021 award for providing rich, premium sound and a truly authentic listening experience.

IPX5 Water-Resistant (aka pool-party proof)

Nothing kills the mood like the music stopping, and no one wants to stop partying mid-way because someone splashed water on the speaker. Luckily that won’t be a problem with the XBOOM Go.

The water-resistant speaker is built to play in less-than-perfect conditions, so you can keep jamming without the worry of water getting in the way. The speaker is rated IPX5, so it can handle being sprayed with water, keeping it safe from splashes, spilled drinks, and other water hazards associated with summer.

All-day battery and convenient charging

The portable LG XBOOM Go speakers feature a long-lasting battery life, which means you can enjoy hours of crystal-clear audio that keeps going as long as you do. The PL7 will last for 24 hours, the smaller PL5 for 18 hours, and the PL2 for 10 hours.

And don’t worry, if you need more than 24 hours of sound, of course you can simply connect it to a power source or charge it. The USB Type-C charging port is easy to use; just plug and play. In addition to this, the PL7 can also charge your mobile phone.

Welcome to the light show

To complete the experience, the XBOOM Go speakers (PL7 and PL5) incorporate flashing LED lights which move to the beat of your music, producing a pulsing light show that’s automatically synced to every song on your playlist. It’s the easiest way to always feel like you’re in the hottest dance club, even if you haven’t left the house.

Mind-blowing Bluetooth features

The speaker setup has some pretty impressive Bluetooth-enabled capabilities. First off, it can pair with your smartphone for remote control. Just download the LG XBOOM Bluetooth app, then boom, manage the audio connection, lighting effects, playlists, and equaliser with just a few taps. If you prefer voice commands, activate your phone’s voice assistant, and use it to control the speaker straight from the dancefloor, dinner table, or side of the pool. No need to interrupt your summer fun!

We all know how much other people love to share their opinions about your playlist, right? Well, now you can enlist a friend to help you control the music. Pair two devices with the app and seamlessly control the playlist together – without any awkward silences.

Let’s say you need more than one speaker to truly immerse yourself in the music. Wireless Party Link lets you connect up to 100 XBOOM Go speakers for one massive sound experience. That way everyone can jam to the same song, no matter the size of your venue.

Just chilling at home? Use the speakers to augment your TV’s sound. Connect one or two speakers to your compatible LG TV to create rear stereo or surround sound, making all your favourite sports, movies, and TV shows that much more enjoyable.

And finally, you can even turn your speaker into a speakerphone, making conversations with friends much more fun. It’s the ultimate group chat experience! Visit www.lg.com/za/home-audio to find out more about LG’s range of XBOOM Go PL speakers. It’s going to be this summer’s ultimate portable party starter.