WhatsApp introduces a new storage management tool to clean out old GIFs

If you use a smartphone with limited storage space available, you’ll often find yourself regularly cleaning out or backing up older images from your WhatsApp photo library – with GIFs being a common culprit. However, the Facebook-owned messaging service has now introduced a new means to address this pain point.

WhatsApp’s new storage management tool has now introduced a means to group together files and media items that have been forwarded multiple times. From a central screen, users can now select multiple items and delete them quickly without needing to use a file management app such as Files by Google.

The tool will automatically sort files in descending order when sorted by filesize, making it easier for users to rapidly reclaim space on their device. Before fully deleting all files, the tool will present a preview of a media file to a user in order to confirm their selection.

The tool is a useful addition for those of us who haven’t – or won’t – disable WhatsApp’s autosave setting for incoming media. Naturally, the service enables users to further curate what media they actually decide to delete.

The tool is additionally expected to alleviate the burden of backing up enormous chat files when porting from an older handset to a newer model.

What are your thoughts? Would you make use of WhatsApp’s new data management tool? Let us know in the comments below!