LaLiga relies heavily on tech and data, launches new dashboard

We’ve showcased how sports and tech perfectly come together using LaLiga as an example. The same principle applies this time around, specifically focusing on football transfers, one of the main spectacles in the football universe. It’s currently transfer market season and you’ll find it hard to identify a die-hard football fan who doesn’t enjoy this period.

For those who aren’t aware or don’t get what all the hype is about, ‘the transfer market represents a critical time for football clubs in all competitions, who face expectations to build a squad that can compete on the pitch while making deals that are financially prudent for their future.’

LaLiga is taking that concept to a different level and at the same time is helping clubs negotiate this process. The league has taken it upon itself to ‘create a new platform that places a wealth of transfer data from across Europe’s biggest markets into the hands of all 42 clubs.’

The transfer market dashboard offers a unique offering among major European football leagues and is yet another example of how LaLiga continue to be one of the leaders that combines pure football entertainment with technology. The league’s strategy is largely based on data and putting that trusted data at the heart of major decisions.

By simply accessing the tool, LaLiga clubs are able to view what other clubs are doing in the transfer market. This ensures that they have line of sight of who their rivals are buying and selling. A full range of current squad data is provided not only from clubs in Spain but also other major leagues in England, France, Germany and Italy.

All the information provided is back-dated to the 2016/17 season and of course also includes the current transfer window. This is done in order to help clubs identify historical trends as well as give them the ability to exploit new opportunities, while staying up-to-date with the activities of European rivals.

“A good transfer strategy often depends on quick decision-making but it is important that these decisions are well-informed,” commented Diego Martínez, LaLiga financial analyst. “We have accessed the most comprehensive set of data in the industry to help LaLiga clubs stay ahead.”

“Over the years you can see clear examples of countries or clubs that are buying more players from Spain, or which clubs are selling their players to Spanish teams,” he said. “These can be reliable indicators of where a club may have success as they look to make the most profitable acquisitions and sales.”

“It is in our interests that all clubs have access to the same strong data,” continued Martínez. “The information already exists across many sources, but by putting it in one place we are providing an equal opportunity for every club to use it. Enabling this kind of informed decision-making ultimately helps the league to grow.”

“Together with clubs we are working to share insights and tools that will take us forward,” Martínez concluded. “Nobody will be left behind.”

Quite the project this and one that will no doubt inspire others to follow suit, kudos to LaLiga for being first to market and continuing to show the way in sports innovation while relying on technology. To read more about their transfer market dashboard, check here.