You can personalise your Mustang Mach E before delivery with an app

Ford is getting ready to deliver its first all-electric SUV in the form of the Mustang Mach E. The company has revealed a new companion app that will allow prospective owners to set up navigation, climate control, charging stations and other personal settings before the car is delivered.

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“Remote Vehicle Setup” helps customers setup their preferred configurations and save it to the cloud, which will automatically be applied when you take delivery of the car.

The customer creates a profile and links it to a pre-order or purchase invoice of the Mustang Mach E. Once the profile is created with a delivery address, it finds charging stations nearby and lets you select them from a map, or you can program one manually if it doesn’t appear. You can also set days of the week and times of the day that you usually depart your home and program your ideal cabin temperature. The car will then prepare your climate control in the mornings before you get into the vehicle.

We expect to see more features like this come to the fore, and not just in luxury vehicles. Of course, it is ideal in electric vehicles as it doesn’t need to run a dirty internal combustion engine to power all these features.

“The purpose really was to get customers excited about the vehicle that they’ve ordered,” said Erika Raia, Ford’s global EV digital experience manager. “But it also is about that personalization factor, right. We know customers want to personalize their vehicle and make it feel like their own before they even get in.”

The setup prior to delivery could also help save the customer money due to changeable electricity prices. “Some areas have higher costs at different times,” Raia said. “So it’s going to start at a time that has less energy usage and cost, whenever that information is available, and it’s going to charge only as much as needed.”