This $13,000 electric car is aiming to take on the US market

Setting yourself apart from the competition in price, and price alone, is a valid strategy. We haven’t seen it to this extent in electric vehicles, however (no, we’re not giving the GeeWiz our time of day). Chinese automaker Kandi plans to launch two low-priced electric vehicles in the US by the end of 2020, according to reports.

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There are two main models to choose from – the K27 supermini will sell for $12,499 after federal tax incentives and the K23 compact car will sell for $22,499 after the tax incentive. This will make the K27 the cheapest electric vehicle in the US by a long way, not to mention a real competitor to entry-level petrol-powered cars.

Of course, you shouldn’t expect any frills or amazing technology for an EV of this price. Both models are a lot smaller than typical cars in that market, although they are comparable to what you find here and in Europe. The smaller K27 has a paltry 17.7kWh battery that will deliver only about 150km of range, and can barely hit 100km/h. The K23 has a 41.4kWh battery that will push your range to around 300km and around 110km/h top speed.

Luckily, you do get some basics that you would expect with any new car these days. Both these models come with a touchscreen user interface, Bluetooth connectivity and a rear-facing parking camera.

For now the K23 and K27 will only be available at its US subsidiary in Dallas, Texas.

While we’re not expecting this unknown brand to sell electric vehicles in substantial numbers, it does point towards an ever larger trend of prices dropping in the EV market. Price is still a major barrier to entry for many people who want to make the shift to electric, and in many most parts around the world outside of North America, Europe and China the lacking infrastructure makes it an even tougher sell.