Images of upcoming Oculus Quest leaks

The virtual reality industry has been making massive strides in recent years, with the Oculus Quest being a major reason for that. They are trying to deliver top quality, immersive VR experiences without the need for a powerful external tethering machine. The Quest is arguably one of the best standalone VR headsets, and we are getting a new version soon.

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New images have leaked of the new Oculus Quest that is expected to be launched on September 15th. The leaked images show that it will look pretty similar to the current model, with some minor design tweaks.

The September timeframe has been shared by WalkingCat, who has proved a reliable source in previous leaks. Facebook, the owner of Oculus, have declined to comment on these leaks.

Of course, the original Oculus Quest was a convenient, well-rounded headset. It was still less powerful than the tethered headsets available, as you would imagine, but with the new version they hope to close this gap.

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