Bored? Cycle through the windows of the world with WindowSwap

If, like us, you’ve been forlornly looking out your window and remembering the ‘old normal’, you’re probably desperate for a change of scenery. Fortunately, amidst other well-timed developments this year, a new service has arrived with the promise to deliver a new view with all but a click. It’s called WindowSwap.

Created thanks to the efforts of users who share 10-minute recordings of a window view from their own home, WindowSwap suitably enables viewers to switched between views with a click. The results are perfect for those of us with a separate main display, and make for a great way to accommodate a workspace with a new view.

Ostensibly designed as a quarantine project, WindowSwap offers window-side tours of the globe; clicking through, users can see views from varied locations such as in Gurgaon in India, Hamburg in Germany, and Glasgow in Scotland.

If you’d like to contribute a new view, users can submit a 10-minute, pre-recorded 1080p video from their smartphone or another suitable device. Notably, the service doesn’t accommodate live video – at least for now.

The service is one among many interesting ideas that the technology world has developed in response to COVID-19 and the emergence of lockdowns around the globe. Earlier this year, Apple patented a means for users to electronically stitch together a group selfie photo of up to three participants, which can be edited later as a means to develop a socially-distanced selfie.

If perhaps you’d like a different view of home, NASA astronaut Doug Hurley provided new visuals of Pretoria, Johannesburg, and Cape Town from view of the International Space Station in orbit earlier this month.

What are your thoughts? What interesting ideas have you come across in lockdown? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!