Campus Party to launch in Mzansi to help create jobs for the youth

This one is welcome news especially considering the current job climate, Campus Party has announced that it’s heading to our shores. Described as an International Job Factory, Campus Party aims to simply help thousands of young people find work.

The global call has also been issued by them for continuous ideas aimed at connecting young innovators around the world, with the mission of collaborating and working together to rewrite the planet’s source code. This will form a large part the upcoming online launch titled the Campus Party Digital Edition, what is said to be the largest event for innovators in history. Hosted simultaneously, the forum will be rendered across more than 30 countries globally as a three day affair slated for 9-11 July 2020.

The forum is described as ‘a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that could allow young South Africans in a strained job market to find innovative new ways of making a living and ultimately, revitalise an economy that is sorely in need of a boost.’

“In a world that has had to find new ways of working due to the pandemic, Campus Party Digital Edition is an amazing opportunity for the global community to invent novel ways of adapting our lifestyles through technology, that will mould our society for decades to come. This event is the ultimate brain trust that could plant the seed for a more collaborative global community in the long-term and we can’t wait to see the results,” said Sharron McPherson, founder of The Future Education Foundation and the visionary entrepreneur who brought Campus Party to Africa.

The forum will adopt a unique and ambitious format that revolves around a live 24 hour stream ensuring a non-stop feed for three consecutive days. It will also consist of an eclectic and inspiring collection of free live and on-demand conferences, with a global Main Stage, showcasing over 50 internationally renowned keynote speakers from around the world.

Interested in forming part of the Campus Party Digital Edition? Feel free to register here and should you be in need of more info on it then check here.