Buy and sell secondhand goods on Cash Crusaders…via WhatsApp video

Yes you read the heading correctly, you can now buy and sell secondhand goods on Cash Crusaders via WhatsApp video, a new feature from the company. Covid-19 is forcing various entities to heavily rely on tech to drive activity, business recovery as well as future growth.

Going into a bit of detail, Cash Crusaders, the leading second hand and new goods retailer, has launched a WhatsApp service in a move, as the company describes, ‘to embrace technology and optimise customer interaction across the Cash Crusaders Franchising business.’

To get in touch with your local store, you will need to log onto the company’s Store Locator to locate your nearest store then click on the ‘Talk to us on WhatsApp’ link.

“We’ve used the past few months as an opportunity to interrogate the processes we follow as a business and to challenge ourselves on ways we can do business differently by embracing tech that will continue to deliver the Cash Crusaders experience, virtually,” says Sean Stegmann, CEO of Cash Crusaders.

Cash Crusader’s WhatsApp facility will operate as an additional communication channel and negotiate the buying or pawning of an item with a customer before they even enter the store. In addition, the feature has also been set up (and is manned) within each of the company’s 225 stores nationwide, to conduct new and used good sales.

But what happens if you have items that need selling and collecting from your house? No need to worry because the WhatsApp service can also be used to organise all of that. If you would like to make cash from your clean out on items such as your cell phones, appliances, laptops or even furniture, then you will, as usual, receive an appropriate offer from the store.

Should you accept the offer, the store will collect the item from your home*, it’s easy as that. Give it a try and let us know how it works, we would be interested to find out what the experiences are in different locations, do that via our comments section below.

*Note – stores that are able to purchase furniture are size dependent so please check beforehand.

Image credit – @yucelmoran