Google Sheets update will suggest formulas while you type

I’ll be honest – I’m partial to a good spreadsheet. Like many, I spend a lot of time looking at and working with spreadsheets. For many, however, learning all of the features and capabilities to become proficient with them takes a lot of time they may not have. To that end, Google Sheets will be adding features that will save users a lot of time.

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The first coming Google Sheets feature is Smart Fill, which lends heavily from Google’s Smart Compose functions you find in Gmail and Docs. The spreadsheet will try to find a pattern of usage and complete the part of the document you are working on automatically. It won’t simply add data to cells where it deems the formula to be correct – rather, it will create a formula and get confirmation from the user. You can see it in action below:

Sheets Smart Cleanup

You’ll be able to change the formula to suit your needs, including inputs and output formats. It also makes learning how the formulas work a lot simpler.

There is also a new feature called Smart Cleanup, which as you right assumed from the name, helps you to get the data in the most usable format possible. This includes removing duplicate rows of data, suggesting fixes to data anomalies and can detect other formatting issues as well.

Of course, this is all built on Google’s machine learning cloud platform, which was always planned to add to the online-only Sheets and Docs apps Google deliver to users for free. The new features is planned to be released to Sheets before the end of the year.

Do you use Google Sheets? Would these new features make your life a bit simpler? Let us know in the comments below.