Waze redesigns app with new bright colours

One of the only viable competitors to Google Maps, Waze has refreshed its app design with new bright colours and expressive icons. Although owned by Google, Waze operates independently from the search giant and has built a popular alternative with some innovative features. The redesign sets it apart further with a more youthful aesthetic.

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In a blog post, Waze revealed its branding redesign saying that it is a “brand that belongs to the community.” It was going for “happier” design for 2020 while still retaining its overall aesthetic, so that it’s still familiar.

As a whole it is definitely a better look, with some font and icon changes that lends a more assertive identity to the brand. It also fits much better as a modern aesthetic, largely following design trends seen in the last several years.

Other than that, the new Waze logo can be a bit more expressive within the app. “Moods” have 30 different feelings that drivers might want to express while on the road, and each one has a new design to match the updated logo.

Mapping applications have always been among the most popular apps. The data shows that over 75% of smartphone owners regularly use navigation apps – and that Google has a market share of better than 80%. Google has collected enough data through Waze, “to roll out more solutions for advertisers in Maps without severely impacting the user experience,” according to a market analyst.