You can now control Youtube Music within Google Maps

Music is one of many people’s favourite past times and the great news is Youtube Music and Google Maps are linking up once again for something quite nifty. It’s no secret that Google Maps have featured music controls for various streaming services (Spotify, Google Play and Apple Music) since 2018, but there was always one thing missing which they have now put right.

Following the news in May that Google Play Music is shutting down and migrating to Youtube Music, Google and Youtube are yet again combining in an effort that will allow users to not only open but also control the YouTube Music app without having to leave Maps while navigating. This function will however be available in the latest version of Maps for Android (version 10.43.2). The feature is not available on Maps for iOS yet but other music sources are. There’s unfortunately no word yet on when it will be the case on the iOS platform.

Enabling the function is fairly easy and we’ve tried it ourselves, it works:

  • First open Maps
  • Head to Settings
  • Then go to Navigation Settings
  • Tap on Show media playback controls. You’ll immediately receive a choice of several media apps, one of which should be YouTube Music *Note – You will need to have the standalone YouTube Music app installed in order for this to work
  • Choose the app
  • Tap Next

It’s as simple as that and now every time you log into Maps and start navigating, you’ll see a YouTube Music icon on the right which you can tap to show a YouTube Music widget at the bottom of the screen complete with Play, Rewind and Forward controls:

Take note that the function is only available to Youtube Premium subscribers. Should you not be on the Premium option then you will automatically get a notification to upgrade. For those of us who enjoy listening to our favorite tunes while on the road and navigating at the same time, this is a very welcome feature.