The Sony PS5 games event will now be held on June 11th

We were supposed to get a glimpse of what the Sony PS5 will offer in its games line-up on June the 4th. Unfortunately, this even was postponed due to the unrest and riots among protests happening in the US, with the company saying they “want to stand back and allow more important voices to be heard.”

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This event will now be held this coming Thursday on June 11th. According to the company it will showcase more than an hour’s worth of PS5 games at the event.

It will most likely still keep its cards very close to the chest regarding the console itself, with the Sony PS5 still a closely guarded secret. It has, of course, revealed the controller we’ll get with the new console in the form of the Sony DualSense controller. While its design may have split the community from a looks department, Sony has said that it is by far the best remote control it has designed and you will get everything you loved from the DualShock controllers of the past while getting much-improved features all around.

The event will be open to all, with Sony recommending that viewers wear headphones while watching the video, as it did “some cool audio work” that’s harder to notice on a laptop or phone. The stream will be done at 1080p, not the full 4K quality that the console will easily be able to handle when it launches towards the end of the year.

It chose to postpone last week’s event so that focus can be placed on the anti-racism protests that spread around the world following another black man’s killing by the hands of a white police officer. As part of Sony’s desire to have the cause remain in the spotlight, the PlayStation division pledged $1 million to causes supporting the black community.

We hope to see some great Sony PS5 content come from the event on the 11th. It is certainly a hugely important console for the Japanese electronics giant as it hopes to keep its dominance over Microsoft’s Xbox.