Panasonic launches its first true wireless earbuds

A little late to the party, Panasonic has launched two sets of wireless earbuds, on sale from today in Europe. The RZ-S300W model wants to deliver the best possible package for its size, also focusing on comfort. The larger, more expensive RZ-S500W model adds active noise cancellation.

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The S300W might not have any kind of noise cancellation technology, but its targeting a different market. It is really small, pairing good sound quality with the ability to wear it for extended periods of time, due to the lighter and more compact form factor.

Both models offer built-in MEMS microphones, which helps to suppress wind noise while ensuring any incoming callers sound clearer. The S300W includes beam-forming technology to isolate your voice as well, making your voice clearer for the person on the other end.

They both have physical touch buttons on either earbud for volume and track control. They are splash-resistant, which means they can be worn in any weather and while working out. Don’t take them for a swim, however.

The S500W offer premium noise cancellation, with what they call “Dual Hybrid” technology. It uses feedforward noise cancellation, feedback noise cancellation and analogue-digital processing. This all captures the sound inside and outside the earbuds. We’ll have to wait and see until we can test them out, but Panasonic claims that this delivers “noise cancelling performance that is best in its class.”

Panasonic says that the S300W and S500W will work seamlessly with both Android and iOS devices and has integration with Siri and Google Assistant for voice control. Amazon Alexa support is also coming in 2021.

The RZ-S300W is available in black, white and green at a price of $129. The bigger RZ-S500W is available in black and white at a price of $289.

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