This is the Vivo X50 Pro, with huge gimbal-style main camera

It has only been a couple of months since we saw Vivo’s concept phone that included a main camera inspired by the technology behind stabilisation gimbals. Now we receive news of an upcoming phone from the company, called the Vivo X50 Pro, that will use this technology in its quad-camera setup on the back.

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The main camera sensor is supposedly going to be Samsung’s new 50MP ICOCELL GN1 sensor, which will offer new innovations for faster focusing. This main shooter is housed in a comically large primary camera module. It uses to additional space to function as a traditional gimbal would, obviously on a much smaller scale.

It promises to give to deliver the best stabilisation of any smartphone camera, pushing optical image stabilisation to the next level. While it remains to be seen if it works as promised, it is a truly novel idea. The target market for this device is the media creator, whether that be for vlogging, shooting Tik Tok videos, or shooting impressively professional style videos for YouTube or even mainstream media.

Other than the main sensor it includes a wide-angle and a macro lens, with a periscope telephoto camera below that. The promotional images also include the non-pro Vivo X50, which has one camera less than the beefier brother.

The X50 series phones are both tipped to come with a 90Hz display, jumping on the fast refresh rate bandwagon. Other details about the display are unclear at the moment.

The Vivo X50 Pro and X50 are expected to be debuted on June 1st, but we should be seeing more details emerge before then.

What do you think about a smartphone camera with ultra-stable video output? Is the video recording quality important to you? Let us know in the comments below.