‘Apple Glass’ augmented reality glasses will cost $499

As far as rumours go, the AR equipped smart glasses from Apple, called Apple Glass, have been around for eons in tech terms. Now we receive news that Apple Glass may finally be on the horizon.

According to new MacRumours, Apple Glass will be sold for the relatively low price of $499 and will be compatible with prescription lenses. These lenses will be offered alongside the product at no additional cost.

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Some famed leakers have had a prototype of the new device in hand, and have been able to interact with it. While many might think of a very futuristic design with impressive imagery, it will be slightly more muted than that, with the leaker saying that it won’t be “this crazy holograph type experience.”

The new glasses will support wireless charging and will come with a charging stand right out of the box. While the prototype was made of plastic, the actual set of frames will be made of some undisclosed type of metal.

The Apple Glass will have a LiDAR scanner integrated in the frames, believed to be set on the right temple. This will be the same one that will be included in the upcoming iPhone 12.

When it comes to what the wearer will see, both lenses will be used for the display. You will interact with it by waving specific hand gestures in the air in front of the glasses as well as using gestures on the frames themselves. The device will need to be connected to your iPhone in order to function as intended, with all processing actually taking place on the phone.

We’re not certain about a launch date yet, but it has been rumoured that Apple Glass will be announced at this year’s iPhone 12 launch event. You know, that “one more thing” moment. It is then expected to go on sale towards the end of 2021 or early 2022.