Google and Facebook staff to work from home until the end of the year

Last month the Google CEO told its employees that they won’t return to the office before June 1st. But now, Sundar Pichai has decided to extend the work-from-home policy and told workers that they will most likely be doing so until the end of 2020.

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There are some workers that need to be physically present to perform their duties and they will return to work sometime during June of July. They will need to obey strict safety measures when they do so and can expect a very different in-office experience.

This means the majority of employees will be working from home for at least nine months, as Google started advising them to work from home when the pandemic became a very big concern in early March.

Facebook has decided to take similar steps, citing different sources like the Centers for Disease Control, Johns Hopkins University and the government as reasons for its decision.

It is sure to remain a fixture for most people that are able to rework from home, especially technology companies.

Google also decided to ask employees to take a day off on May 22nd as a result of perceived burnout related to their work-from-home orders. As many employees are working from home for the first time, and everyone working as hard as possible to make sure companies stay afloat, many around the world are unable to ‘switch off’ and take some needed relaxation time.

In months and years to come many unintended and unexpected effects will become apparent as we all adjust to a new reality. The world will never be the way it was before the pandemic hit and we’ll all need to get used to a ‘new normal’. Whatever that new reality looks like as we start opening up economies around the world, we’re all in this together.