Facebook Messenger Rooms: Put to the test

4/5 Star rating

Facebook has recently announced the revamp of Messenger to Messenger Rooms which now allows up to 50 guests to join a call. We gave this nifty upgrade a quick test, via PC desktop and on an Android mobile device. Here is our analysis:


  • We first had to upgrade our web-view by clicking on a pop up prompt, which completely changed our Facebook view and control options, including a dark mode.
  • Under online active contacts a little video icon appeared, and like Dee-Dee in Dexter’s Lab we had to push the button
  • A new window popped up to join the Room with options to share the link to invite friends
  • The only downfall is that we had to copy and paste the link and DM each person individually to join
  • Once everyone has joined, the host can lock the meeting, denying access to any unwanted guests #SafetyFirst
  • The desktop version is pretty basic for now, allowing the host to send DMs to guests, view someone’s profile and share screens


  • The capability to start a Room on Messenger via your mobile device is a little unclear, as the video button did not pop up at first
  • But, when a friend joins Rooms via a mobile device by clicking on a link received from a Desktop view, they are able to access really fun filters and a bunch of other fun things
  • Basically, the mobile functionalities seem more playful for an online social gathering, sharing of images taken, but unclear how any participants can join one call

There are still loads more features to launch with Messenger Rooms, but for now it is definitely one up on Zoom.