Calling on all app developers as Tari Aurora launches

Calling on all developers, this one’s for you as Tari Labs has recently announced the release of its Tari Aurora application. The release is a testnet for the protocol, and the emergence of a reference design wallet application for iOS and Android.

For those who aren’t aware, Tari is an open source digital asset focused blockchain protocol that is built in Rust, is private by default, and is being architected as a merge-mined sidechain with cryptocurrency Monero. The project has been in development for approximately two years by a global group of developers and designers, including US-based entrepreneur Naveen Jain; South African blockchain and cryptocurrency developer Riccardo ‘fluffypony’ Spagni; and Dan Teree, who built Ticketfly into one of the biggest players in the US ticketing industry before selling it to Pandora in 2015.

Currently, the Aurora wallet application is being developed by the Tari community as a reference-design. Creators and developers can use the Aurora libraries and codebase as a starting point for developing their own Tari wallets and applications. In its production-ready state, Aurora will be a fully functional Tari wallet focused on Tari as a default-private digital currency.


A cool and a major feature of the protocol is the use of Emoji ID – a series of 31 emojis, which is far easier to identify than a typical lengthy alphanumeric string. While tXTR has no monetary value, during the testing period, users will be able to earn and spend tXTR in The TTL (Tari Testnet Limited) Store.

“One day, a digital currency will emerge that is default private, and useful enough to capture the world’s attention. Tari is still very much in development, but I hope it has a chance of being such a project,” said Jain. “What sets the project apart is that the protocol aims to solve real-world problems around digital assets in a default private manner.”

One of the first projects to emerge that hopes to use the Tari protocol in the future is mobile-first ticketing company Big Neon. Big Neon was founded by Teree, and plans to use the Tari protocol to help music promoters and artists increase their revenues from secondary market transactions involving tickets. Big Neon also hopes to make tickets more valuable to fans as digital collectibles after the show.

“What this collaboration shows is how digital assets-focused blockchain protocols can support the needs of real businesses. By allowing digital asset issuers to create rulesets around their digital assets, the Tari protocol will empower them to make the best decisions that benefit all parties involved,” said Spagni.

For more information on Aurora and more check here.