Facebook dark mode now available on desktop

In what has been a major trend in UI engineering in recent years, dark mode is almost ubiquitous now. Almost every major app on your smartphone is available with a dark mode, easing the strain on your eyes. Google and Apple have even baked it into the settings of the whole operating system in Android and iOS.

While Facebook has offered dark mode on its Android and iOS apps for properties like WhatsApp and Instagram for some time, it is now also making it available on its Facebook desktop UI as well. It is rolling out to all users in coming days, which you can access from the Settings drop down menu.

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The feature has been in development for a long time, first being discussed at Facebook’s F8 developers conference back in April 2019. The first beta tests were then rolled out to select users from the beginning of 2020.

Many of you would have also noticed the banner at the top of your Facebook page with a prompt for you to “Try the New Facebook.” It certainly is a lot to get used to, with many opting to change back to the classic Facebook look. Unfortunately for those people, the new UI will become the default later in 2020.

Major changes to the new look include buttons in the top, middle of the interface for Facebook Watch, Marketplace, Groups and Gaming. The home page and transitions also load more quickly. Larger fonts and more sensible layouts make getting around easier on the eyes. Facebook is also making it faster to create Events, Pages, Groups and ads. You’ll actually be able to see a preview of what these things look like on mobile before you share them.

The new dark mode is expected to have a lot warmer reception than what we’ve seen for the major UI overhaul.