Wheely, wheely expensive: Apple’s al-a-carte Mac Pro wheels will set you back $699 USD

We’ve always loved riffing on Apple for its (at times) insane price strategies. With a number of hits and misses – ranging from the $159 AirPods to the $20,000 USD Apple Watch Edition – the Cupertino company has never lacked for ambition. It’s latest product offering, however, scales to the ridiculous end of the market – where now, as part of the al-a-carte range of options that come part and parcel with ordering a new Mac Pro, you can buy an aftermarket set of four wheels for the handsome sum of $699 USD.

If you’re not ready to rock and roll (see what we did there?), you can instead opt for the slightly less lofty purchase of four fixed feet for $299, though at that level we wouldn’t turn up our noses if you happened to balance your new workstation on its packaging box instead.

Thank goodness, then, that Apple will courteously supply purchasers of these premium items with a 4mm hex bit (allen key), though the company has claimed that “additional tools are necessary” to complete the installation of either set.

The aftermarket add-on is just a small slice of the proverbial pie. An entry-level Mac Pro will set consumers back $5,999 USD at purchase – however, with all available options installed and configured, that price balloons out to a colossal $53,799 USD.

To be fair, the Mac Pro is intended for professional creative use – and both the incumbent and previous models in the series have performed functions from industries scientific to film. However, the company’s latest update reveals just how aggressive it can be in producing and marketing its own accessories.

While we all complain that Apple has lost the plot and rush out to buy a new iPhone SE, now’s the time to be grateful for that third-party iPhone case.

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