Facebook’s new ‘Tuned’ app offers space for couples to communicate

If there was an award for a well-timed product drop, Facebook might be up to scoop the trophy this year. With people around the globe practising social distancing and isolation, the company has teased a new app – dubbed ‘Tuned‘ which will serve as a private digital canvas of sorts for couples to connect online.

The app, which is only available on iOS at present, is billed as a ‘private space’ where couples can share moods, exchange music, and author digital scrapbooks. Interestingly, the service doesn’t require a Facebook account, though the service is still beholden to Facebook’s data policies – meaning that your information would be used to build targeting models for ads across Facebook’s network.

Tuned enables couples to connect their Spotify accounts to share music with one another, and additionally lets partners exchange text and voice notes with one another as well as photos and videos. It isn’t clear how Facebook intends to differentiate the service from its other messaging apps – such as WhatsApp – but it is entirely likely that the platform is intended as an experiment only.

The service arrives from Facebook’s New Product Experimentation team, which has previously launched new services for the social media giant such as a Pinterest clone and a meme-making app. Facebook hasn’t sizeably punted any of its more experimental offerings, however, and it remains to be seen just how much support it will offer Tuned, or whether it will cannibalize features within the app to serve in its default application. Late last year, the company similarly tested a new app – Threads – for more personal and intimate connections.

What are your thoughts? Would you be prepared to use Tuned to exchange communication and media with your partner, especially if you were separated due to social distancing? Let us know your opinion in the comments below.