Want to play Atari Pong again? It’s an RPG now.

Remember Atari Pong? It has been a long time since Atari has been relevant in the gaming industry. They were unable to ride the wave of their early success but was mostly sunk by the gaming industry crisis in the 80’s. They still evoke nostalgia in many people, though, and want to take advantage of that.

They are going to build Atari gaming hotels, release retro gaming consoles and go into sponsorship deals to take advantage of that nostalgia. Now, though, they want to make a game again – using their original icon as the focal point. But not quite how you might expect.

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The company is going to use their iconic IP and turn Atari Pong into a strange role-playing game. It is developing a Pong Quest game where you will be playing the hero paddle, crawling through dungeons based on their other properties like Asteroids and Centipede. You will be tasked with saving Pong World.

You’ll fight in RPG style battles wielding customised Pong balls and adorning your paddle in clothing and other gear. There will even be a four-player multiplayer mode that lets players carry customised Pong balls into online battles.

The game will be released soon, expected in Q2 2020. It will be available via Steam on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch and will set you back $15. Don’t expect detailed storylines, intrigue or the like, but it could be a fun time. Especially at this price, it might be worth a play.