Uber plans to start displaying ads atop some of its vehicles

If there’s a major difference between using an Uber and a regular meter taxi – beyond the way one might hail a cab or the qualification of the driver – it’s the fact that, up until now, Uber vehicles have not been directly compelled to depict advertisements or signage depicting their use as a ride-hailing service. However, that could be set to change now that Uber (the firm itself) has inked a new deal whereby vehicles in its fleet will now display ads.

Though Uber drivers could previously have used third-party services (in regions such as the United States) to show ads in their vehicles, Uber’s new commercial strategy will empower drivers to display ads through a rooftop billboard. The billboards themselves are electronic in nature, and can show geo-fenced ads – meaning that advertisements can be directly tuned to the area the Uber vehicle is presently in, and can wirelessly connect with other nearby displays to manage the distribution of their content.

According to Adweek, the deal will see Uber drivers ‘get $300 to install the rooftop displays and an additional $100 each week they drive more than 20 hours.’

Adweek cites that Uber has launched two new partnerships to drive the deal home, between companies Adomni and Cargo – stating that “The partnership with Adomni also opens a new business unit for Uber, called Uber OOH Powered by Adomni, as well as an additional revenue stream for the company, which went public in May 2019. Cargo Systems, which has had an exclusive agreement with Uber since July 2018 to provide in-car commerce offerings like snacks and beauty products, is providing the displays in a separate deal with Uber, outside of the revenue-sharing agreement for advertising between Uber and Adomni.”

The deal will be tested across a fleet of 1,000 vehicles in the United States, whereafter it is expected that the deal will see further coverage.

What are your thoughts? Would the presence of rooftop advertisements change the way you use e-hailing service? Let us know in the comments below.