Porsche’s powerful new EV park models the future

With electric vehicles becoming ever more popular and starting to become more affordable, infrastructure needs to change. In fact, that’s why owning an electric car in South Africa is still not feasible (unless you are wealthy). There is decent infrastructure in Europe and North America, but for many in those first world countries it is still limiting. Porsche aims to change this with its new EV park, which it wants to roll out elsewhere.

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The German car manufacturer launched their first EV last year, hoping that their new Taycan will spearhead its way into the electric vehicle market. It has been received well by critics, but some have said that their claimed charging speeds can’t be met due to the lack of infrastructure. Porsche have now opened an EV park, where up to a dozen electric vehicles can be charged at 350kW stations (if compatible) and a further two can be charged at 22kW stations for small top-ups.

Taking cues from the petroleum industry, it is using the EV park to sell more of its own wares, very much like a traditional forecourt business. This first charging park is located in Leipzig in eastern Germany and it includes a customer centre with a car museum and shop. You can also book track time at its Leipzig circuit.

This is a minor step, but seeing that Porsche has only launched one electric vehicle it is an encouraging sign from the German manufacturer. As electric vehicles become more ubiquitous, we can be sure that these types of filling stations will be popping up along highways all over the world.

It certainly is an exciting time for electric vehicle technology. Batteries are getting better, range is increasing, more car manufacturers are getting involved in the industry and infrastructure is ever increasing. While many of may miss the growl of a fantastic V12 engine, it does seem the electric is the future.