Overwatch may become a TV series

Activision Blizzard has always been known for breathtaking CGI cut scenes in its games. I have fond memories of being absolutely blown away by the storytelling in Diablo 2 via extensive, extraordinarily detailed scenes that pushed the narrative forward. Their writing chops might now finally be coming to our screens with an Overwatch TV series.

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Since its launch in 2014, Overwatch has remained a highly competitive team-based shooter continually being updated and supported by Blizzard. It’s very popular in the esports arenas and competitive play isn’t slowing down at all. That being said, many admired the extensive cut scenes created for the game, even though there is no campaign or single-player story mode.

According to an Activision Blizzard executive’s LinkedIn profile, the company has definitely been exploring an Overwatch TV series, with the possibility of a Diablo series also on the cards. He is in charge of the project, with some serious credibility implying he may be the right man for the job. He used to work for Disney, playing an important role in the eventual acquisition of Pixar.

He apparently sold an anime-style Diablo series to Netflix (which, of course, hasn’t seen the light of day). This series has been rumoured for a long time from Netflix leaks, although we don’t know if this series is still in production.

According to sources the Overwatch TV series has been “sold,” and not yet greenlit for production, while the Diablo series was already in “pre-production.”

Neither project has been made official by Blizzard, but they have been rumoured for years. Whether they ever get made and release is up for conjecture, but we can certainly imagine these properties translating to the small screen. With the amount of lore and story Blizzard has built over the years, and technology now making production of such shows simpler, it may be the right time to create these shows.