Heck, now even TCL Communications is making a foldable phone

If you haven’t heard the same TCL Communications before, that’s not surprising – the Chinese firm, which naturally produces a smart devices, is perhaps better known to many in the southern hemisphere as Alcatel, or perhaps even BlackBerry if you were one of the few who bought the brand’s more recent Android-powered smartphones.

While the big hitters including Samsung and Huawei have had stabs at foldable phone design (the former South Korean company has now released both the Fold and Flip – designs that fold vertically and horizontally) leaks have now revealed that TCL planned to unveil its own foldable phone shortly before Mobile World Congress was cancelled due to fears surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak.

Though TCL has previously teased foldable designs, the firm has yet to unveil a product that’s ready for store shelves – and the latest leak of the firm’s new devices likely raises more questions than answers.

Leaked images courtesy of CNET reveal a device that will either fold outwardly and have two front-facing screens when in ‘compact’ mode, or would (perhaps more interestingly) feature a ‘rollable’ display similar to designs that LG has debuted with its range of OLED televisions.

It remains unclear whether the device in question would ship under the TCL brand, or might become part of another portfolio of products. Given that BlackBerry recently failed to renew its manufacturing contract with TCL, it’s unlikely we’ll see a foldable device under the BlackBerry stable anytime soon.

Still, the news reveals that more and more device manufacturers are prepared to issue their own take on the foldable formula, despite creasing and display issues that have plagued the release of major products from the likes of Huawei and Samsung.

What are your thoughts? Would you be interested in a foldable phone from a budget brand? Let us know in the comments below.