IMDb launching free streaming service for older shows

Streaming services will be a dime a dozen very soon. Each is trying to offer unique content to keep you engaged and garner as much watch time as possible. IMDb’s solution is to offer a free streaming service that will host a bunch of shows that you either loved back in the day, or never got the opportunity to watch.

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The streaming service, called IMDb TV, has secured more than twenty series owned by Disney. This includes the likes of Lost, Desperate Housewives, Malcolm in the Middle and My So-Called Life.

The different series will be staggered in their release on the free streaming platform. For example, Ally McBeal will be available on IMDb TV from April 1st, where as Lost will launch on May 1st and Malcolm in the Middle will be available from June 1st. The date for the Lost release was chosen to coincide with the 10th anniversary of the final episode of the series.

IMDb TV has an interesting approach to getting users onto its platform – there aren’t many other free streaming services available at the moment. It gives people who don’t want to pay a monthly subscription on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+ or any other upcoming and available streaming services the opportunity to get some good content.

As we’ve said before, the streaming industry is moving to a model that works very similarly to how the traditional cable company models worked up until now. Essentially, you will have to pay for multiple streaming services to get all the content you want to watch – like how we used to have to pay for every premium channel we wanted to watch on terrestrial TV. How this will effect pricing is unknown, especially in developing markets like South Africa where the pricing is very different to what we see in North America and Europe.