This is the $15,000 iPhone inspired by Cybertruck

As we’ve said many times before, smartphones are generally all the same these days. So when something like this Cybertruck inspired iPhone 11 comes along, you sit up and take notice. This $15,000 iPhone is made by Russian outfit Caviar, who has always focused on making more personalised, unique and mostly extremely expensive iPhones.

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Caviar has made some insane iPhones in the past. They have been plated in gold, included a fully handcrafted pocket watch and studded with dozens of diamonds. This time around, the luxury comes in the form of a robust case and screen cover using the angular design found in the Tesla Cybertruck.

As with all their other devices, there is no real additional functionality here. Their iPhones are made to stand out, be a talking piece for the rich and famous, or simply a collector’s item. That being said, with the pace that technology becomes outdated, we’ve never understood the need to do that with a smartphone or other piece of consumer technology.

The built-in case is made of titanium and includes some interesting hinges and design notes that will certainly make it stand out. It also includes a kick-stand for when you put it on the desk and want it to stand up.