Apple’s latest patent reveals plans for a curvy Mac made from single-sheet glass

Not too long ago, the Mac was where Apple concentrated most of its stylistic efforts – from lampshade contours, the Cupertino giant proceeded to inject colour into its G4 model, step back into the ‘white range’ around 2008, and then moved into the alumnium form most of us recognise today. Now, a new leaked patent application seemingly reveals Apple’s plans to develop a new Mac model from a single sheet of glass.

The concept, which looks vaguely similar to many other all-in-one PCs, would purportedly integrate a wedge as a prop-up stand, where the device’s processor would set at the back of the curved glass sheet. The curve itself would supposedly be able to bend, and according to the patent would be able to fold shut similarly to a laptop.

Underneath the device would sit a slot where an Apple keyboard can be placed, and adjacent would sit two touch-sensitive panels similar to Apple’s magic trackpad.

As the patent outlines in far less salacious terms, the device “may include a glass housing member that includes an upper portion defining a display area, a lower portion defining an input area, and a transition portion joining the upper portion and the lower portion and defining a continuous, curved surface between the upper portion and the lower portion”.

It remains to be seen whether the concept would ultimately ever reach store shelves – the patent may in itself be a pocketed idea from the Cupertino firm and may not be intended to reach the general public.

However, the design – if implemented – might represent Apple’s first foray into folding display and bendable frame technology in the modern age; setting it apart from competitors that have up until now competed in the mobile arena.

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