Umay Rest: Now we need tech to get us away from tech

We spend way too much time on our devices, wouldn’t you agree? According to Umay Care, a Canadian based tech company, we definitely do. Their solution to our problem? The Umay Rest, an unusual meditation device.

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This new wearable has been designed to reduce the negative effects of screen time. According to the company, we spend an average of 10 hours and 39 minutes a day in front of a digital device. They believe this reality is mostly inescapable for most people, as it is the medium through which we access entertainment, communicate with others, socialise and shop. Of course, recent studies have shown that this can have a very negative effect on our well-being, mental or physical.

The Umay Rest uses natural Meditative Heat that leaves your eyes feeling happier, with a more restful and clear mind. It’s essentially a techy face mask for curing dry-eye. It even has a cooling mode to reduce eye puffiness from lack of sleep.

It emits vibrations to which you can sync your breathing rhythms to further calm you and aid in meditation. It lasts between three and six minutes depending on your process. According to the creators, they envision people taking short breaks from the computer throughout the day to recharge using the Umay Rest, and again just before bed.

The company claims that their patented technology “is based on decades of research on thermal therapy to help restore eye health; combined with our proprietary Thermal Meditation. Umay helps digital device users find stress relief and reset the effects of screen time by resting the mind and restoring the natural function of our eyes.”

It fits into your bedtime routine, wellness routine or anytime you need to use it during the day. It uses USB charging so that you can use any of your devices to keep it topped up during the day.

Wellness tech devices are becoming increasingly common. We will follow their development in years to come, but what do you think? Can it help us relax in a tech-filled world?