The Hydraloop in-home water recycler saves you money… and water

Water security is becoming an ever larger concern, specifically in less developed nations. More erratic weather patterns have led to water shortages around the world, and very notably all around South Africa in recent years. Hydraloop will help you recycle water in the home, lowering your dependency on the local infrastructure and water supply.

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The CEO of Hydraloop, Arthur Valkieser, thought the answer was very clear. He believes we need to have devices in our homes and office buildings that enables us to sterilize and reuse as much water as possible.

The product, also called Hydraloop, is about the size of a refrigerator and needs to be hooked up to your home’s existing water system. It then processes waste water in multiple ways, including flotation, sedimentation, foam fractionation and dissolved air flotation. This treated water is then processed by an aerobic bioreactor, and finally disinfected with UV light. Don’t ask us what all that means – we’re off to do some research…

All of these measures are needed to ensure that this water is truly disinfected and able to be used again. While it isn’t certified to be drunk (yet), is can be reused in toilets, washing machines, pools and even in the garden.

Of course, this purification method is what Hydraloop has pioneered and what it hopes to refine over time and make available in different and smaller form factors. It doesn’t use chemicals, which is one of the biggest stumbling blocks for other water purification systems (especially in the home).

You will also have access to a companion app that you can use to see how much water has been saved, the status of each of the processes, and so on.

According to press releases from the company, they expect you will be able to save about 75,000 litres of water per year (for an average household). They want to make this the major selling point, as it isn’t just good for the environment but also for your wallet. Speaking of your wallet – it will cost around $4,000 when it launches (so perhaps not so good for your wallet, yet).