The Atmos air filter for the face makes you look ridiculous

Many people are becoming more and more conscious of the quality of the air that they are inhaling. In China and India there is a massive air pollution problem, especially at certain times of the year due to weather conditions, manufacturing and construction trends and farming practices (burning used crop plants to prepare for the next season). The Atmos air filter was designed exactly for these circumstances.

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The Atmos is a mask that uses small fans to create a high pressure pocket of clean air at the front of a mask that you breathe from, without the need for it to be sealed. The air is drawn from just below your ears, where it also houses sensors that measures your respiration rate. This, in turn, calculates how much clean air needs to be send to the pocket of air in front of the mouth.

Of course, we can’t not comment on the aesthetics of the mask. It is clear in the front and quite wide around the face. The mask doesn’t flatter the wearer, but that is of course not its function. It weighs 256g, which is very bulky to carry on your face for an extended period of time. And honestly, it looks utterly ridiculous.

According to the company behind the Atmos, Aō Air, they are targeting regular consumers to wear outdoors when they’re away from their home or office filtration systems. It will retail for $350, and will start to ship in Q3 of this year.

Head of US, Mikal Peveto, described how low-tech masks can be a normal part of life in certain cities in Asia. He seemed optimistic about how receptive the Asian population would be and value the functionality over the bulk. Aō Air has plans to shrink the mask down, and consider the size of the original iPod, Peveto said. “It’s 50 times better. Think about the first generation of anything.”