The LG G9 leaks show four cameras and a headphone jack

There may not be many of us left in the world, but we have always been ardent fans of the LG G family of devices. In the early 2010s they showed us what a unique, stylish flagship can do at a competitive price. Remember those gorgeous leather backs of the LG G4?

It has also been a range where LG have tried to shake things up (like with the unsuccessful modular LG G5) but now they are back to more mainstream devices. The LG G8X ThinQ was an interesting addition, giving you a second screen for your device in the box. Now we have some leaks of the upcoming LG G9, which will look very familiar to fans.

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This simple approach from LG might be a good strategy amongst all the other extremely flashy flagships. It tries to appeal to its core customer base and gain new supporters with a no-frills approach and keeping an ever diminishing commodity of the headphone jack with high-quality DAC.

The leaks show the LG G9 is going to be a refined version of the G8X, slimming down the bezels and approaching that all-screen design we are seeing from so many other smartphone manufacturers.

The new phone will have four camera sensors on the back, instead of the two is has stuck with since the LG G6. Speaking of, LG has to be commended for their pioneering of that second camera being a good wide-angle lens instead of the other second camera setups we saw back in the day. It is solely due to LG showing how useful that wide-angle can be that every other flagship now has one.

The screen size looks like it will be larger on the LG G9 compared to predecessors. This is probably because LG decided to increase the chassis size in order to accommodate that much changed camera setup.

We expect the LG G9 to be launched at Mobile World Congress towards the end of February like their flagship has been for the last several years. We hope LG can finally pick up those sales numbers in order to compete with the big hitters in the industry, as they have always been at the forefront of mobile technology.