OnePlus Concept One prototype smartphone can make its cameras disappear

We are only hours away from the start of CES 2020 and various companies are teasing their announcements, including the OnePlus Concept One.

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While OnePlus may not yet be a household name around the world, they have made a huge splash in the smartphone industry with impressive devices and competitive prices. The company was started by former executives of HTC and their latest flagship, the OnePlus 7T Pro, has been praised by technology reviewers and customers alike.

The OnePlus Concept One will be debuted at CES this coming week, which will show of some pioneering technology the manufacturer has in the works. In a short teaser video OnePlus has unveiled what they call an “invisible camera” that can be hidden by the class under which it is housed on the back.

According to the teaser it will use “colour-shifting glass technology” to make the three rear cameras and flash invisible to the naked eye. When we first heard of the OnePlus Concept One it was rumoured to be the company’s first foray into foldable smartphones, but that doesn’t seem to be the case by looking at the teaser video.

In a piece by Wired, they claim that the OnePlus uses the same technology found in sunroofs and airplane windows to create the disappearing effect. In normal usage of the smartphone the cameras on the back are hidden, but when you open the camera app the tint of the glass is adjusted. While it is an interesting touch to add to modernise a smartphone’s design, it doesn’t seem like it would change the functionality of the phone at all.

There are no concrete plans to put the Concept One into production, but it does give us an interesting indication of what we can expect from future smartphones they do manufacture.