LG announces new, stunning 8K OLED TVs

Televisions with 8K displays have been around for a couple of years now, but they have been prohibitively expensive and more importantly, there isn’t any real content to make use of the immaculate crispness. Several companies are betting that this may change in 2020, including LG. They have just launched their new 8K OLED panels ahead of CES 2020.

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If you are in the market for a new TV at the moment, buying an 8K OLED will certainly futureproof you for many years to come. LG’s 8K OLED TVs hope to get you there with their new Signature models. It comes in two varieties, a 77-inch model and a 88-inch model. Alongside these behemoths it has also launched six new NanoCell branded televisions.

You may remember that LG launched similarly sized and positioned 8K OLED panels at last year’s CES, so what is new this time around? LG has labelled the Signature range as the world’s first “Real 8K”, and in technical terms this is true. The picture of the new TVs are up to the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) standard for contrast modulation. While this doesn’t mean much to you and me, be sure LG will milk it in its marketing campaigns.

More relevant to you and I is the fact that these TVs have a brand new Alpha 9 Gen 3 AI processor, which uses deep learning to upscale content to 8K resolution. While it may not be the real thing, the ability to view an HD piece of content almost seamlessly upscaled to 8K will be a big selling point for many people. According to LG, its AI engine can recognize faces and text on screen to produce more natural skin tones and more readable text.

The Signature range will be able to display 8K content at 60 frames per second. We don’t have any pricing details for the new displays yet, but LG will demo them at CES 2020 next week.