The Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s console for a bold new decade

Microsoft has publicly teased its work on a new-generation gaming console for some time under the banner of Project Scarlet, the Redmond giant has now revealed its future offering for the opening of the decade under the name Xbox Series X.

As if the Xbox brand couldn’t be more confusing (between the One, One X, and One S) the Series X changes the format slightly by adopting a block-style design that breaks continuity with all of the previous Xbox models, which have up until now employed a rectangular design that could sometimes be stood upright. The resulting concept looks slightly more like a PC tower than the game console design we’ve become used to.

The Series X is intended to be one of two Xbox consoles slated for release in the near future; the Series X will be the performance powerhouse of the two, while a smaller and slimmer console will be intended for streaming purposes similar to Google Stadia.

In terms of known specs, the Series X will (apparently) be nearly four times as powerful as the Xbox One X, and will be able to output games at 8k with real-time ray tracing. The console will feature virtual RAM, and may apparently have a custom SoC (system on chip) that will integrate a processor and graphics card.

Microsoft has promised that further performance and pricing details will be announced within the coming year.

The Xbox Series X is slated for launch in Holiday 2020 (that being around October and December 2020).

What are your thoughts? Would you be willing to be an early adopter of the Series X? Be sure to let us know your perspective in the comments below.