Apple removing all vape-related apps from the App Store

According to reports, Apple will remove all 181 apps that relate to vaping products or vaping culture in any way from the App Store. As of writing, the removal should already be complete but could vary from market to market.

This comes after the latest slew of health concerns regarding the vape, with 42 deaths confirmed as a result of the vapour being inhaled from these products. Apple updated its terms of service for the App Store, stating “apps that encourage consumption of tobacco and vape products, illegal drugs, or excessive amounts of alcohol are not permitted on the App Store.”

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According to statements from the CDC, the vaping illness outbreak is supposedly linked to products that contain THC, particularly those from the black market. However, the investigation hasn’t reached a conclusive answer as to why this is happening. Their recommendation, at the moment, is to stay away from all vaping products.

Not to state the obvious, but the health implications of using tobacco cigarettes are universally known, yet there will never be such a huge movement against those products. The tobacco lobbies are extremely powerful and have so much political clout at governments around the world that they have won this fight over and over again over the last five decades.

An Apple spokesperson said in a statement that “recently, experts ranging from the CDC to the American Heart Association have attributed a variety of lung injuries and fatalities to e-cigarette and vaping products, going so far as to call the spread of these devices a public health crisis and a youth epidemic. We agree, and we’ve updated our App Store Review Guidelines to reflect that apps encouraging or facilitating the use of these products are not permitted.”

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