This is the world’s smallest 8K camera

In recent years the 360-degree camera has become more popular for content creators. Their quality has increased drastically as creators demand better footage with better stitching and less tearing in imagery. Software has had a lot to do with the increase in performance, but hardware has also improved in leaps and bounds recently. A lesser known player called KanDao has now released the QooCam 8K 360-degree camera, officially becoming the world’s smallest 8K camera.

Usually when you think about 360-degree cameras the likes of GoPro, Insta360 and Ricoh comes to mind. However, several other players have entered the market with valiant efforts, including KanDao. The QooCam 8K costs $589 and has the highest video resolution in its class, with the other offerings coming in below 6K.

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According to the company it does real-time stitching at that resolution as well, which must use some serious computing power. Afterwards, you can do “8K express edits” on your phone by way of smaller 4K proxy files.

The QooCam 8K has a large 1/1.7-inch 20-megapixel sensor on both sides of the camera, which means it is a bit thicker than its competitors, but is surely a worthwhile trade-off if the results warrant it. An added bonus of a bulkier device is that you have room to add a 2.4-inch OLED touchscreen, allowing you to previews shots in more detail.

It also has a generous 3,600mAh battery with USB PD 2.0 fast charging support, though there’s no word on battery life just yet. Strangely, it only has 64GB of on-board storage, so you’ll definitely need to utilise the microSD expansion to take full quality video. It has WiFi and Bluetooth connection capabilities to share footage.

It shoots 360-degree video at 30fps on 8K and 60fps on 4K, but can also shoot a slow motion at 120fps in 4K. If you want to live stream via phone, you’ll also be limited to 4K. The QooCam 8K also has a “SuperVlog” mode which creates normal video rather than 360-degree.  Users can easily jump to this mode using the “Q” button next to the touchscreen. Vloggers will also be pleased to know that the device has a 3.5mm mic input, and KanDao will soon be selling a dedicated vlog mic kit.

As stated by KanDao in their launch announcement, you will be able to take 30MP still photos and can be output in RAW or JPEG formats. There’s also a RAW+ mode which takes a rapid burst of RAW photos for a more detailed 16-bit output.