Rumoured iPhone SE 2 will reportedly arrive next year, three colours in tow

It’s ironic to consider, but the rumours surrounding the existence and the imminent arrival of an iPhone SE 2 have been around for almost as long a time as the original iPhone SE spent on store shelves.

Of course, that’s largely due to the fact that the original device proved somewhat of a darling in tech circles thanks to the fact that it leveraged a familiar and admired form factor, packed in market-leading technology at the time, and competed at a competitive price point.

It’s no surprise then that Apple fans have longed for the return of the handset, and now a new report from acclaimed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo cites that the aptly-named iPhone SE 2 will arrive in March next year alongside the reveal of Apple-produced AR glasses.

While the iPhone SE 2 won’t (apparently) revisit the beloved shape of the iPhone 5, the device will apparently resemble the iPhone 6 and 6s of yesteryear. Kuo has reported that the handset will arrive in three distinct colours – namely, space grey, silver, and (likely PRODUCT) Red.

Accordingly, Kuo has reported his estimation that Apple will price the handset north of the $399 USD mark, and that the device could arrive in two different flavours; namely, a 64GB and 128GB variants.

Unsurprisingly, the SE 2 will apparently not ship with 3D Touch, and might instead arrive with Haptic Touch installed. In broad terms, it still remains to be seen what other hardware or software features the device could leverage.

Should it (finally) see the light of day, the iPhone SE will form the natural entry point for consumers seeking a brand new iPhone, and will slot beneath the iPhone 11 range and compete with the now older-generation iPhone XR and iPhone X.

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