MacOS Catalina is now available for download to all users

As is the norm this time of year, it has been several extremely busy weeks for Apple. After the iPhone 11 range launch last month, a slew of software updates from Cupertino hit their users. Right after the launch event, the software for iOS 13 and iPadOS 13 became available immediately. Following that, the iOS 13 update was released fixing issues from the initial launch. Now, macOS Catalina is available to download.

As always, it is a free update for all current Mac users, and comes with a handful of big new features without fundamentally changing much about your day-to-day macOS routine. The biggest added feature in our opinion would be the inclusion of Apple Arcade, the subscription-based gaming service Apple announced earlier this year. It is, of course, not just available on macOS Catalina, but will be shared across all you Apple devices.

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Other big changes include the (long-awaited) official death of iTunes. It has been pushed to the wayside by Apple Music, Podcasts and TV in the last several years, so it doesn’t serve any real purpose anymore (other than those horrible update notifications on older Mac devices).

Catalyst is another big initiative in macOS Catalina. It is a new framework that brings iPad apps to the Mac. The fear with this change was that the Mac would be flooded with poorly optimised iPad apps, not suited to such an environment. Luckily, early indications seem to show that is not the case. Case in point, the Podcasts app, which is a simple port from the iPad environment. It has been modified with macOS Catalina menus and same look and feel, with seemingly no issues though Catalyst.

Let us know in the comments below once you’ve upgraded your software how well it works.