Amazon announces a Kindle for Kids to encourage reading

Ever since the first Kindle device, Amazon have had the e-reader market locked down and they are pretty much a monopoly at this stage. That being said, it doesn’t mean you have to be of age to get hooked on their ever popular electronic readers – they have now announced Kindle for Kids.

This is Amazon’s first foray into a Kindle meant primarily for the younger market. It comes at a premium though, costing $20 more than a standard Kindle. The Kindle for Kids does come with one of four colourful covers though, as well as a two-year worry-free guarantee and one-year of complimentary access to the company’s FreeTime Unlimited service.

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The Seattle based company has vowed that this two year warranty is valid for any potential damage that could befall the child’s Kindle. FreeTime Unlimited, if you’re not familiar, offers some 20,000 kid-friendly books, videos and apps.

Amazon also want to keep your kids reading with some features aimed squarely at this demographic. Other than the usual dictionary, the Kindle for Kids also comes with a feature called Word Wise. It will automatically define difficult words as the reader goes through a book. The e-reader will turn any word a child lookups into a flashcard for later review. There are also achievement badges to earn, as well as more fun wallpapers than the ones that come standard with the company’s other Kindles.

The Kindle for Kids, or Kindle Kids Edition as it is known in many markets, is not of the Paperwhite variety, but rather of the standard Kindle with an adjustable front light. This new device will start shipping at the end of Octobeer and pre-orders are now open.

Do you think this is an enticing way to get your kids to read more? Let us know what you think in the comments below.