iOS 13 update fixes minor issues and bugs, including camera glitch

It has only been a few short days since Apple released iOS 13.1, but we already have a new version – iOS 13.1.2. This iOS 13 update fixes various minor issues from the software finally out of beta, but most notably a camera glitch that has been plaguing many iOS devices.

Other than the aforementioned camera problem, which was the biggest issue, some other fixes in this iOS13 update include issues for the flashlight and the progress bar for iCloud backup. Announced by Apple today, the full list of fixes are below.

With so many notable changes to iOS 13.1 compared to the version we got last year, it is understandable that there may be several bugs right out of the box. Apple has been racing to fix these as soon as possible, but don’t be surprised to pick up several more in the months to come. That being said, it probably won’t be major issues, but rather minor annoyances.

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Other than the iOS 13 update, Apple has also recently released iPad OS, which is a version of iOS that has been forked and created to have more iPad specific features that take advantage of the much bigger screens. We can expect these two pieces of software to diverge more and more in years to come, as Apple tries to optimise them separately, rather than the one only being a spin-off of the other.

WatchOS 6.0.1 was also released this week, with fewer overhauls.

Have you had any problems with the new iOS software? Did your iOS 13 update sort them out? Let us know in the comments below.