New Android devices will replace Google Play Music with YouTube Music

It has been more than four years since Google released YouTube Music. For many years, no one really cared (as often happens with new services that only have a different flavour to something that already exists), but now Google might force your hand. Google announced the YouTube-branded music streaming service would supersede Google Play Music as the default music player on Android devices.

According to Google, it will now be pre-installed on all new Android 9 and Android 10 devices, but re-iterated that Google Play Music will still be available for download in the Play Store. Luckily this means the old service isn’t going away anything soon, but is another indication that Google is trying to streamline its services and in time bundle them together into a handful of standout apps.

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One of the major features not yet ported to YouTube Music that plenty of people may still need is the ability to stream your own local files over the cloud like Google Play Music does. This might be a major reason for not discontinuing Play Music for the time being, with Google waiting until all features are accessible in the YouTube Music app.

YouTube music has both a free and a paid version of the app, but it isn’t worth much if you don’t pay for it. Interestingly, in recent months, Google has started to add video playback capabilities into your Play Music playlists, hinting at the integration already being quite far down the line.

How do you feel about Google phasing out Play Music? Have you ever used YouTube Music? Let us know in the comments below.