Apple Arcade game subscription service will cost $5 per month

While we heard about Apple Arcade several months ago at WWDC, not a lot is known about the service or how exactly it will work. We are now starting to see more reports, giving us some working details as well as its price. Apple Arcade is going to cost $5 per month.

This information comes from a promotional message in one of the API’s used by the app, so it isn’t official pricing from Apple, but we expect this to be the launching price, at least for a single subscription (we are also expecting a family plan to be launched alongside at a higher price).

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The early access program was being offered to Apple employees for the symbolic price of 49¢ per month, with a one-month free trial, until the end of the early access period, which was said to be when iOS 13 ships to customers.

Apple is touting this as the “Netflix for Games” and it is expected to roll out Apple Arcade on September 10, during its release event for the new iPhone. Users will pay a flat monthly fee to play as many of the participating games on the platform. The subscription will also include the option of sharing this subscription to up to six family members.

The service is expected to include over 100 games, including some that will be exclusive to the Apple ecosystem. We’ll have to wait for the event to get the thick and thin of it, but it will be interesting to see how many of their loyal customers will subscribe to this new service.