New research finds Google Assistant is smarter than Siri and Alexa

Credit: Gadgets 360
Credit: Gadgets 360

The three big digital assistants have been pit against each other time after time. That being said, with Google, Apple and Amazon always updating them with more smarts and new features, it’s always interesting to see how their performances change over time. In the latest round of research from Loop Ventures, it appears Google Assistant is smarter than the rest, by some way as well.

Sorry Microsoft and Samsung fans, Cortana and Bixby are not used widely enough to be included in these tests. The research asked the assistants the same 800 questions and measured comprehension. It was conducted on iOS 12.4, Google Assistant on Pixel XL running Android 9 Pie, and Alexa via the iOS app.

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The 800 questions were split in 5 categories (local, commerce, navigation, information, and commands). According to Loop Adventures, “Google outperforms in information-related questions, Siri handles commands best, and the ranking of utility based on the number of questions answered has remained the same (Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa), but there have been dramatic improvements on each platform and in each category in the few short years that we have been tracking the progress of digital assistants.”

As you can see, Google Assistant is smarter than both the other assistants in both understanding the queries, as well as delivering the correct answer. It is also the only digital assistant that understood 100% of the requests.

Interestingly, the research found that “the largest disparity was Google’s outperformance in the Commerce category, correctly answering 92%, vs Siri at 68% and Alexa at 71%. Conventional wisdom suggests Alexa would be best-suited for commerce questions. However, Google Assistant correctly answers more questions about product and service information and where to buy certain items, and Google Express is just as capable as Amazon in terms of actually purchasing items or restocking common goods you’ve bought before.”

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