Sony is replacing drummers with AI

Everywhere you turn AI is infiltrating your life. From smartphones to self-driving cars to security to… music? That’s right, Sony believe they have found a way of making music production more accessible and effectively cheaper by replacing drummers with AI.

AI-powered music is becoming a mainstay in evolution of electronic music and is bleeding over into all aspects of music production. Sony have now revealed that its researchers have created a machine learning model that can create kick-drum tracking. This artificial intelligence is able to build “musically plausible” drum patterns based on existing instruments being used on the song.

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The training set for this machine learning algorithm comprised of 665 different songs from a wide range of genres including pop, rock and electronica. According to the researchers, the songs all feature rhythm instruments, bass, kick and snares that were available as separate 44.1kHZ audio tracks.

The drum kicks were created by using the contextual signals from these tracks and setting a drum sample at all amplitude peaks. Based on the music and rhythm of a song, the AI could conditionally generate the “correct” kick drum patterns. This worked regardless of the tempo of the song, even taking into account changes in the tempo within the song itself.

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